Payments Hub

Modern Payments Factory

Payments Hub is a centralised payments ecosystem: service-focused, highly configurable, componentised, and API-centric. It provides an agnostic interface across channel, customer, and payment type and also insulates the Bank from the impact of settlement and regulatory scheme changes.

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Unified. Innovative. Modern. Compliant.

Modern Cloud-Ready
Payments Hub


  • Unify all payment types into a single payments ecosystem
  • ISO20022, RTGS, SWIFT, ACH, Real-Time, and Cross-Border


  • Define and change workflows and business rules graphically
  • Execute payment workflows reliably and at scale


  • Easily connect to 3rd party payment providers, partner banks, and FinTechs


  • On-premise
  • Private, public, hybrid cloud
  • Cloud provider agnostic


  • Get unified operational and regulatory visibility into your payments ecosystem


  • Bring new payments products onboard quickly
  • Be a leader in real-time payments and blockchain

Workflow & Rules Engine

Define | Manage | Orchestrate | Monitor

Rapid Delivery, and change, with prebuilt configurable workflows and business rules. Allows for the ability to customise workflows by any dimension, such as instrument, channel, or transaction type or payment characteristics, such as value or status (BPM).

Process Orchestration

Business Rules

Work & SLA Management

Exception Handling

Customisable workflows as opposed to hard-coded vendor-defined workflows based on payment object characteristics and rules

Configurable processes, taking into account different service level agreements

Customised item routing for “Standard Basic Flows” (Vanilla Products) and “Expedited Flows” (Premier/Bespoke Products)

Citizen Developers and Business Users are geared to introduce additional rules without the need for any granular code change interventions

Fine-grained exception handling with the ability to deal with workflow anomalies and special cases with care

Sybrin Apex

Payment Management

Validate | Transform | Enrich | Route

An orchestration layer that not only handles multiple payment types and clearing scheme formats, but also orchestrates end-to-end workflows based on business rules.


Single interface for all internal and external systems

Transparent and flexible

Verify any payment instrument, scheme, customer, or transaction

Robust workflow engine to automate workflows as per business rules

Handle high-value, high-volume, and real-time payments with uniform, consistent, and seamless processing

Provided parallel processing and scalability

Component-based architectures

Accurate representation of all payments data, both current and historical


Reduced total cost of ownership

Higher Straight-Through-Processing (STP)

Consolidated systems ensuring future-proofing for new clearing schemes

Single view across all types of payments including batch processing real-time, enabling 24x7 reporting

Accurate 360 ° view of payment data

Ability to offer value added services without interrupting end to end processing

Sybrin Apex

High-Care Payments

Accept, engineer, and transmit incoming and outgoing high-value payments.


Provides urgent processing, in a secure environment, for high-value financial transactions ranging from one to several million

Instant notifications to provide peace of mind before ownership can be transferred between sending and receiving parties

Special care and total visibility provided to handle bi-lateral trade payments processing

Enables rapid confirmations of trade which are crucial to being perceived as a trusted party

Examples of supported payments and clearing schemes (not a restrictive list): ACH/RTGS, ISO, SWIFT, SADC, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho, +20 others


Quick to implement

Maintained in line with messaging standards and scheme rule books

Reduced cost of maintenance

Insulated from scheme and regulation changes

Secure, scalable, and reliable

Certainty and high speed of processing

Sybrin Apex

Mass Payments

Capture, validation, and transmission of high-volume payments


Enables urgent processing, in a secure environment, for financial transactions which involve paying multiple recipients simultaneously

Provides bulk file upload, or integration, using web services (APIs) for STP with corporate ERP systems

Provides for automated recurring or once-off bulk and single transfers

Capable of handling affiliate commissions, customer rebates, employee benefits, and incentive pay-outs

Multiple currency handling

Examples of payments and clearing schemes we support (not a restrictive list): Cheques, EFTs, FXs, Cash, SADC, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho, +20 other


Pre-packaged workflows for all payments processes including direct debit collections and salary credits

Pre-configured to align with the messaging standards and scheme rule books of the country

Configurable to align with business rules

Complete audit trail of payment history

Significant time saving for frequent payments

Clearing Schemes

Having a single point of access to multiple network schemes is the key to the optimal performance of a 90% STP process.

The Sybrin Clearing Schemes Layer is an integration layer with connections to multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms within a single middleware layer. This approach replaces the traditional need to have many-to-many connections depending on the transaction type and the scheme chosen by the participants. The clearing schemes are split into the following:



Local RTGS

Cross-Border (EAPS, COMESA, & Other)


Immediate Payments




Mobile Money

Zambia (NFS)

28+ Others

Mass Payments






28+ Others


Single robust integration layer encompassing the majority of settlement systems

Instant payments are cleared immediately, and settlement is broad spectrum-based between net settlement, deferred settlement, multilateral settlement, and pre-funded settlement

Provides tracking, monitoring, and liquidity optimisation which are key functions for the smooth processing of instant payments

Real-time view of the bank’s liquidity position within a clearing scheme

Ability to participate in a variety of schemes, allowing for greater market share and revenue growth


360° View of the liquidity status at any given time

Integrated multiple clearing and settlement, replaces traditional many-to-many connections

Total processing time within seconds

Insulates banks from the impact of scheme changes

Easy to participate in a variety of schemes

Management Cockpit

A single unified operational and regulatory view of all payments across the organisation.

Improved Management Visibility and Control

Consolidating the payments processing process allows for the intelligent capture and use of data, which allows for business activity monitoring dashboards, analytics, and management reports. These reports aid in making crucial management and business process improvement decisions. The automated collection and analysis of data also improves customer profiling thus improving the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns.

Stronger Compliance and Reduced Risk

The solution’s configurable rules engine ensures that new regulations can be easily integrated into the solution when they arise thus addressing the relentless pressure to incorporate and implement regulatory compliant solutions. The rules engine also enforces Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and Sybrin automated services perform automated sanction screening.

Monitor Payments, Anytime Anywhere

Our systems ensure transaction tracking from initiation until completion, allowing the bank to make informed decisions. The monitoring and alert capabilities include setting up of alerts for specific payments, liquidity events, or security violations based on business and governance rules.

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