Automating KYC and meeting Regulatory Compliance

The Sybrin Intelligent KYC and AML offering is a complete solution for onboarding customers, automating cognitive KYC procedures, and performing client and enhanced due diligence investigations.

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Consumer IDV & Onboarding

Business IDV & Onboarding

Sanction Screening

Continuous Monitoring

Intelligent KYC & Solution

Intelligent KYC & AML Solution

PEP Screening

Enhanced Due Diligence

Client Due Diligence

Adverse Media

Sybrin Apex

Intelligent and Automated Business KYC Verification and Onboarding

Company data and structures verification

Automated third-party data checks

Compliance reports

Directors and connections

Geo-presence verification

Onboarding and ID&V

Intelligent ID Capture & Verification

Liveness & Facial Biometric

Fingerprint Capture Biometric

Real-time IDV against Third-Party DB



Sybrin Apex

Seamless, Real-Time ID Capture

The Sybrin ID Capture solution enables rapid ID capture, extraction, and validation of over 4500 global IDs via mobile and web API. Use our SDK to add fast, easy, and intelligent data extraction to your mobile, or web app.

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Sybrin Apex

Biometric Liveness Detection and Facial Authentication

Verify that the person behind a remote interaction is a real person and is physically present through active or passive liveness detection using image processing techniques and neural networks to prevent spoof attacks.

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Sybrin Apex

Fingerprint Biometric Capture

Biometric Fingerprint Capture via Mobile or Other Devices

Capture consumer fingerprints for authentication via mobile phones, web cameras or biometric capture devices.

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Sybrin Apex

Intelligent Address Capture and Verification

Add Seamless Address Capture and Automated Address Verification

Add intelligent address document capture, geolocation, and automated verification via third-party lookups.

Sybrin Apex

KYC Declaration and
Digital Signing

View and Sign KYC Declaration Form Digitally and Securely

Omni-channel digital signing of KYC declaration forms via web, smartphone, USSD, and WhatsApp.

Sybrin Apex

Sanction and Watchlists Screening

Real-time Matching and Monitoring Against National and International Lists

Intelligent fuzzy matching algorithms designed to create fewer false positives

Hundreds of national and international lists

Define your own real-time monitoring schedules

Create your own ‘black and white’ lists

Automated updates

Sybrin Apex

PEP Screening

Real-Time PEP Screening Using Machine Learning and NLP

Predefined risk rating models

Automated tracking of entities based on risk rating

Reduce false positive

Global coverage

Sybrin Apex

Adverse Media

Real-Time Intelligent Adverse Media Screening

Stay ahead of financial crime by identifying exposed individuals and organisations

Automated tracking of entities based on risk rating

Global coverage

Sybrin Apex

Case Management

Predefined Investigation Workflows for CDD and EDD

Consolidated customer information, documents, comments, and findings into a case

Established disciplined case management principles to meet regulatory compliance

Respond to regulatory investigations quickly and easily

Built for human case investigation work

Provide a body of evidence to KYC decisions

Sybrin Apex

Continuous Monitoring

Automated Continuous Monitoring Based on Risk-Based Schedules

Set up and manage event driven daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly monitoring alerts

Set up your own alerts

Trigger alerts

Sybrin Apex

Management Cockpit

Holistic Regulatory and Operational View

Single, integrated, holistic KYC views



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