Digital Signatures

Make Signing Documents Simple, Reliable, and Secure.

Designed to comply to regulatory requirements and standards, our solution will ensure the authenticity of a digital signature through its application.

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how it works

Seamless. Simple. Compatible.

Our digital signature offering is seamlessly integrated into our solution for a simple user experience. With it we provide you with the capability to digitally capture signatures onto generated documents by connecting to most major signature pads or through third-party providers. Sybrin can use the signature capture APIs available from any provider.

The following signing methods are supported:

  1. Electronic

  2. Digital Signatures
    (Using a third-party engine).

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  3. EU Qualified Signatures
    (Using a third-party engine).

  4. Signing via:

    Wacom Device Web Mobile Phone WhatsApp

why it works

Easy Integration and Compatibility.

Our solution is easily embedded into your existing web and mobile applications for a seamless, friction-free customer experience across channels. It is also designed to be compatible with any of your applications, from any service provider, so that you can embed eSignature capabilities directly.

why choose us

Reliable. Secure. Compliant.

Built to address the requirements of the African and Global markets, this offering focuses on addressing the requirements within the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA) and is guided by the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) the organisation responsible for setting and driving global electronic signature adoption and standards. It also holds independently verified compliance with various industry-specific regulations like FAIS, NCA and PoPIA.

the difference

Assurance in Legitimacy.

Digital signatures are not simply digital versions of people's signatures, but should rather be viewed as electronic encrypted stamps of authentication. For a digital signature to be considered legitimate, it needs to address concerns around its authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation, and notarisation qualities. Our Digital Signature offering is designed to address all these points and conform to regulatory requirements and standards with unique cryptographic keys.


Simple, Yet Secure.

A cost-effective and efficient way for you to digitise your document signing processes while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.


Onboarding and transaction messages are “signed” to permanently protect their integrity.


The cryptographic key is uniquely assigned, and under the sole control of the individual at all times and is their digital identity placeholder.

Trust and Interoperability

The public key can be shared with everyone and tested even when offline.

Flexible Signature Workflows

Send signature requests to one or many people who can action sequentially or in any order, you decide.

Everywhere. All the time

With highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure processing millions of transactions a month, work can continue anywhere in the world, at any time.


Our unique pass-through approach means that documents are encrypted and delivered straight to your customers' devices and never permanently stored in our datacentres.

Chain of Custody and Visibility

Every document signed contains a full audit trail of the process followed thus maintaining the chain of custody.


Customers can track documents throughout their journey via dashboards noting when requests are opened, how the document is paged through, signed, and ultimately returned.


A Secure Experience Across All Channels.

Protect yourself and your customers against fraud by ensuring the integrity of your signed documents. Securely sign and verify electronic documents with confidence, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Device Agnostic

Create omni-channel signature processes that are inclusive as they're available to everyone on their own devices.

Data Collecting

Gather data during the signature process by tracking how users interact with the documents they need to sign including GPS location and device and network identifiers demonstrating the chain of custody.


Improve your compliance.

Embed Signatures

Embed signatures into your processes using the development kits.


Simple, predictable pricing model.


Improved process efficiencies.

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We offer a diverse range of products that cater to various industries and use cases. These include digital transformation solutions, payment systems, customer communication management, workflow automation tools, and more. Our solutions can be tailored to address your specific requirements.

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