Digital Branch

In-Branch Customer Experience Reimagined

The Sybrin Digital Branch solution will transform your branch into the digital branch of tomorrow by creating the best possible in-branch customer experience.

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Bank Branch

How it works

Sybrin Apex

Queue Management

Reduce Customer Queuing Time and Maximise Productivity

Sybrin Apex

Key Features

Pre-Book Tickets via the Mobile App

Allocate Agents Based on Demand

Selective Class from the Waiting List

Predict Waiting Times Accurately

Integrates Directly Into Sybrin Smart Teller

Access to Customer History

Predictive Analytics and Customer Journey Maps

Personalise Your Customer Service

Sybrin Apex

Smart Teller

Modernise and Simplify Branch Front Office Functions

The Sybrin Smart Teller solution simplifies the teller job with a modern digital layer that sits on top of a legacy core banking system. The modern digital layer reduces complexity in performing teller functions, which in turn leads to faster banking service speed.

Challenges with Core Banking Systems

Poor user experience

Complex with too many features

Clumsy and outdated



Benefits of a Modern Teller Digital Layer

Increase banking service speed

Increase and monitor Teller productivity

Increase customer satisfaction and customer experience

Reduce your Teller’s learning curve

Reduce human error

Reduce fraud

Product Features

Seamless integration into queue management

Customer IDV via, signature, biometric, and chip and pin

Insights into branch and teller performance

Branch manager authorisation

360° Customer view

Bill management

Vault management


Till management

Fund transfer



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