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Customer Onboarding and Intelligent KYC in Insurance

Even though KYC and AML requirements are traditionally associated with institutions such as banks and credit unions, most people don’t realise that there are numerous other industries which also fall under the regulated sector within this field. The best example of such an instance is the insurance sector.

Insurance companies, like any other financial institution, are concerned about many types of fraud. With roughly 62% of firms reporting exposure to financial crime, money laundering in this sector is an ever-increasing problem globally. Primarily so for life insurance firms, who experience massive flows of funds into and out of their businesses. Most life insurance firms offer highly flexible policies and investment products which in turn offer opportunities to their customers to deposit and subsequently withdraw large amounts of cash with a negligeable reduction in value.

Consequently, governments and international authorities implement a range of regulations and issue global and regional sanctions lists. With the possibility of compliance penalties, insurance firms should ensure they understand their obligations and how to implement them as part of their AML policy to stay compliant with regulations for their specific region.

To ensure that their customers are well-intentioned, insurance companies must identify them through KYC procedures.

Digital Identity SDKs

What is it?

An intuitive mobile messaging interface is one of the quickest methods of customer service and enables them to seamlessly interact and transact with organisations. This allows organisations to deliver services in the channels that customers prefer, as and when they need assistance. This also provides customers with a paperless solution and the added benefit for organisations of eliminating manual data entry on their side.

A KYC system should achieve the following objectives:

Identify customers and verify their identity

Understand the customer profile and associated money laundering risks

Assign a risk rating to customers

Conduct ongoing monitoring of customer risk and renew due diligence based on changes to information and activity that is different from what is expected

Make informed decisions about customers based on perceived risks

However, a traditional KYC process involves the verification for a multitude of documents at various touchpoints involving personnel from different departments. This means the whole process is long and time-consuming, resulting in an exasperating customer experience.

The advantages of implementing an intelligent and automated KYC solution include:

Freed-up capacity for employees to focus on other important tasks

Improved customer experience and a seamless onboarding process

Reduced costs and improved compliance

Streamlined and more efficient processes

Reduced time of KYC due diligence

Increased efficiency

Reduced workflow

Minimised risk


Why use Sybrin’s KYC and AML Solution?

The Sybrin Intelligent KYC and AML offering is a complete intelligent solution for onboarding customers, automating KYC procedures, and performing CDD and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) investigations to prevent fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.

ID Capturing and Digital Onboarding

Our seamless, real-time ID capture product enables the rapid ID capture, data extraction, and validation of over 4500 global IDs. While our frictionless and fast AI-powered onboarding solution enables you to verify and onboard both businesses and consumers digitally. This involves a very effective automated process that leverages machine learning, AI, liveness detection, as well as facial and other biometrics to verify an identity by matching a user’s live selfie with the photo shown on their government-issued ID. Other features include verifying residential addresses using geolocation or utility bills, as well as digital signatures.

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Sanction, Watchlists, and PEP Screening, as well as Continuous Monitoring

Not only does our solution offer real-time matching and monitoring against national and international lists, it also incorporates intelligent fuzzy matching algorithms designed to create fewer false positives. It also allows you to define your own real-time monitoring schedules as well as the capability to create your own ‘black and white’ lists.

Our real-time Politically Exposed Person (PEP) screening uses machine learning and offers global coverage for automated tracking of entities based on their risk, formulated from predefined risk rating modules while also providing adverse media screening.

Case Management

Our solution offers you the ability to set predefined investigation workflows for CDD and EDD so that you will always have the information on hand when the need arises. Easily consolidate customer information, documents, comments, and findings into a single case while enjoying integrated holistic KYC views through dashboards and reports from the management cockpit.

Case Study

Sybrin was recently tasked with providing a solution to a large insurance company in Southern Africa involving customer onboarding, remote biometric KYC, and intelligent automation of CDD and EDD lookups.

What the Customer Needed

Remote biometric onboarding and KYC.

CDD and EDD KYC workflow automation.

Benefits to Customer

Enabled remote customer onboarding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Automated compliance checking.

Why We Won

Our ID capture and biometric capture software development kits (SDKs) were affordable and performed well in their proof-of-concept testing.

Speed to market – the solution went live in under 30 days.

What We Delivered

A mobile app for performing remote biometric onboarding using intelligent ID capture, liveness and facial biometric enrolment, and automated verification against government identity database.

Automated back-office operations to perform CDD and EDD to ensure customers are onboarded automatically.

Case Study - DiagramSolution Overview

Case Study - Sample DataCDD Sample Data

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