Customer Communications Management(CCM) Powers Omni-Channel

We're proud to announce the release of our state-of-the-art Customer Communications Management solution.

Designed from the ground up using the latest technologies, Sybrin Customer Communications Management provides you with total control over all customer-oriented communication. Encompassing email, SMS, USSD, print, fax, and mobile channels, our product ensures that all your customer correspondence meet corporate identity guidelines and are completely traceable. Our omni-channel approach promotes the creation and maintenance of deep business relationships with your customers.

Sybrin’s end-to-end solution includes the automated generation, customisation, and distribution of all targeted correspondence. Additionally, it provides detailed delivery management, including click and open rate tracking.

CCM Features and Benefits

With customer preferences rapidly changing from printed to digital correspondence, our holistic solution has all the features required to take your communications strategy to the next level. While Sybrin Customer Communications Management retains support for printed documents, it has advanced capabilities and benefits, including:

  • Automated collection of data from host systems and generation of personalised outgoing messages.
  • Configurable customer preferences, including language, delivery time, limits, product types, and more.
  • Diverse range of dynamic templates for all channels.
  • Delivery management and detailed reporting for all channels, including link and open rate tracking, as well as delivery failure feedback.
  • State-of-the-art eMarketing functionality supports target marketing and features a rigorous approval process.
  • Dynamic eAdoption functionality enables the immediate onboarding of customers based on message delivery and customer responses.
  • Complementary SMS notification system supports email-based document delivery.
  • Secure message delivery and support for the encryption of attachments.
  • Advanced dashboards provide a bird’s eye view of all distribution metrics.

Approximately 85% of identity theft starts with a stolen paper statement or bill.

Sybrin’s offering provides organisations with a powerful solution that allows them to conform to the trending philosophies of a greener, renewable future. By converting from traditional paper-based processing systems to an omni-channel distribution system, you will reduce distribution overheads significantly, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve security.

Sybrin’s Customer Communications Management solution facilitates highly effective communication, which is essential to enhance customer engagement and drive the adoption of new products and services. Our solution has already been successfully deployed to a number of high-profile client sites across Africa, including large corporates and banks.

Banking in Botswana

One such implementation is already live in Botswana, providing SMS transaction alerts for a bank using the Flexcube host banking system. Sybrin’s Customer Communications Management solution was seamlessly integrated with the bank’s existing host system and the additional functionality rolled out without a glitch.

The extreme modularity of Sybrin’s solution allows our customers to implement (and pay for) only the functionality that they need, while supporting system expansion, should the customer’s requirements change.

The bank’s requirements were:

  1. Decrease the number of balance enquiry phone calls to the bank’s call centre.
  2. Improve security by providing alerts to the customer.
  3. Improve customer service.
  4. Increase visibility of customer interaction with the bank.

Our solution addressed all of these issues directly and provided an immediate return on investment by decreasing costly enquiries to the call centre.

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