Account Opening

Fast, reliable, and efficient omni-channel
Account Opening

The Sybrin Account Opening Solution empowers banks to speed up their onboarding process by creating an omni-channel experience that is seamless, personable, and exceeds the expectations of the bank’s customers.

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Sybrin Apex

Seamless Account Opening for Retail and Business Banking

Remote Biometric Onboarding

Sybrin Intelligent Digital Onboarding or remote biometric onboarding allows a customer to open an account without ever having to visit a branch.

1. Capture ID Document

2. Take Selfie and 3D

3. Verify Against Third-Party Database


Market Banking Solutions and Open Accounts Online

The Sybrin Market Place is a dynamic convenient one-stop shop that allows the bank to market their products online and enable their customers to browse, and quickly and easily acquire banking solutions. Features:

Feature New and Trending Products

Cross-Sell Features

Market to Specific Personas

Create Limited Offers

Product Chat Assistant

Real-Time Activity Tracking

Run SMS & Email Campaigns

Customize Product Journeys

Search Engine Optimisation

Approval Workflow for Updates

Real-Time Updates

Quick Deployment

Sybrin Apex

Digital Branch

Paperless Digital Account Opening at a Branch

The Digital Branch solution allows Banking Agents to open accounts from a branch. The app offers a digital account opening experience by providing an interface that allows for the capture of customer data, documents, photos, biometrics, digital signatures, contract generation, and assists the banking agents in cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Sybrin Apex

Agent Account Opening

Open Accounts Anywhere, Anytime

Open accounts anytime, anywhere using the Sybrin Mobile Branch app. Our mobile-friendly interface allows Field Agents to securely open accounts anywhere using mobile devices. The Sybrin mobile branch app has the added advantage of giving sales and marketing departments incredible reach since it can be deployed on every Field Agent’s mobile device.

Sybrin Apex

Operation and Contact Centre

Gain Insight and Control into Back Office Operations

The Sybrin Operation Centre digitises and automates back office approval workflows, and prompt back-office staff to review new account requests in a timely fashion. Sybrin’s dashboards and monitoring tools allow the Operations Managers to monitor performance regarding the creation and handling of onboarding requests as well as monitoring users’ performance.

Product Benefits

Accelerate Time to Market

Create Outstanding CX

Reduce Onboarding TAT

Reduce Abandonment Rate

Reduce Operational Cost

Increase Sales and Maximise Profitability

Improve Management Visibility and Control

Strengthen Compliance and Reduce Risk

Open Accounts Anytime, Anywhere


Product Features

Dynamic Web and Mobile Forms

Business Process Management

Decision and Rules Engine

Document Capture and Management

Biometric Capture and Verification

Intelligent Document Recognition

Electronic and Digital Signature


Customer Communication and Marketing

Core Banking

Analytics and Dashboards

Automated Sanction Screening

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