Sybrin Takes Digital Transformation Services to Philippines

Sybrin Takes Digital Transformation Services to Philippines.

28 Feb 2023
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Sybrin, a leading provider of digital transformation services, announced last week that it is extending its operations to the Philippines as a locally registered business, with an official launch event that was held on 23 February. This move forms part of Sybrin's commitment to provide digital transformation across the globe and to support the company's financial inclusion initiatives.

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This is an exciting time for us as we enter the Philippine market, given our ties with developing markets and our cultural affinity with the people. We are eager to join the local community and contribute to the nation's development within the digital technology space. There is a large opportunity in the country as the government looks to digitise its various processes, and we believe that we are well positioned to provide the solutions that can help make this happen.

Marius Mare

Marius Mare

Group CEO

Vibrant Economies.

Sybrin realises the immense potential of the Philippines as one of the most vibrant economies in Southeast Asia, with strong growth prospects and industries that are driving the country forward. Given that Sybrin has excelled in comparable conditions in Africa with similar industries and technological environments, the company is enthusiastic about its decision to enter the market.

The impetus for Sybrin's expansion into the region is further motivated by the fact that the Philippines has recently showed a renewed initiative to invest in the ICT sector as is evident in their National ICT Ecosystem Framework (NICTEF). Other key driving elements include the fact that the country has a very young and dynamic population, with about 60% of the population below the age of 30. The country is one of the world's fastest-growing economies and is forecasted to be the 16th largest economy in the world by 2050.

Financial Inclusion.

Sybrin is passionate about financial inclusion, and as a technology provider with its roots in developing markets, the company believes it can make a difference in the Philippines with its world-class technology solutions that are well suited for the current and future environment. Sybrin is committed to investing in local resources and forming partnerships with local affiliates that will drive digital transformation.


About Sybrin.

Sybrin is a leading global provider of financial services, insurance, and telecommunications solutions. Everything we deliver is based on our knowledge of complex solutions complemented by 30+ years of experience. We focus on developing, implementing, and supporting end-to-end systems through the Sybrin Platform utilising Rapid Application Development (RAD) technology.