Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for Insurance.

26 Oct 202017 May 2022
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Sybrin's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution automates insurance document classification and content extraction from large amounts of structured and unstructured documents, files, emails, and more enabling end-to-end automation across insurance operations.

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Who we can help?

We assist insurance providers, underwriters, brokers, and administrators to automate manual and time-consuming tasks by eliminating data capturing - in turn reducing human error and improving productivity and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to shorten insurance business cycles and enable straight-through-processing with no human touch points, thereby maximising profits by reducing operational costs and delighting the customers with faster processing times.

How we can Help?

We simplify the automation of data extraction, the intelligent interpretation of that data, and the subsequent processing thereof during customer onboarding, claims processing, and more; from identification documents, policy schedules, and invoices, amongst other document types. As a machine learning-based system, we also provide a model that automatically learns and adapts to changes where possible. New business and account maintenance information can also be captured and sent via workflow to various departments to enable efficient customer service, and web services are available to receive customer correspondence and assign it appropriately while keeping an audit trail thereof.

Document Processing in Insurance.

With the insurance sector being a traditionally data- and document-driven industry, employees manually work through vast amounts of documentation submitted in various formats to extract relevant data. This data is then captured in the relevant fields on their systems to ultimately produce an actionable task. This process is called document processing and is slow and error prone, resulting in cost, control, and quality issues, as well as employee dissatisfaction.

With evolving customer expectations and new advancements in digital technologies driving rapid change in this sector, relying on multiple layers of manual processes that make customers wait while employees try to make sense of complex documents is no longer an option. Even after investing in new automation technologies, manual data processing remains a bottleneck to otherwise efficient operations as most OCR and automation systems can't handle different document structures and varying formats.

Why use Sybrin's IDP?

What sets our solution apart is that by using computer vision our native and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extraction is powered by deep learning OCR, which means it is not just another OCR or text extraction tool. Together with a human feedback mechanism, our neural networks allow us to get the most accurate reads and ensures that our system gets better and better over time as it learns.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms help automate any business process which involves processing natural language data such as emails, chats, complex documents, and legal contracts, while our predictive, text, and behavioural analytics derive high-quality information from any text format.

Aside from an increased ROI, Sybrin can offer you out-of-the-box pre-trained IDP solutions which can be easily reconfigured to suit your requirements, while also streamlining your document tracking by providing you with the ability to view records anytime, anywhere.

Our solution can provide the following benefits:

  1. 50% to 400%

    Capacity improvement.

  2. 50% to 75%

    Reduction in process cycle time.

  3. 25% to 75%

    Reduction in cost.

  4. Typical Document Extraction Process Flow
    Verification Services
    Ingest App Input
    Access by SFTP
    Client Front-End (Sybrin API)
    Automatic Email Retrieval
    Data Transform Process
    Verify Automatic Verification
    Manual Verification
    Client DB
    Response Output
    Update Client Database/Expose API
    Send Email
Use Cases.
  1. Claims processing.

    Insurance claim forms.

    Invoice/receipt data extraction.

    Assessment report processing

  2. Onboarding.

    Account opening.

    Proof of address and ID data extraction.

    Forms and associated documents.

  3. Policy schedule automation.

  4. Auto indexing and workflows for any document/case.

Case Studies.

We've implemented our solution for a large insurance company in South Africa and for a pan-African investment, savings, insurance, and banking group. Not only did we provide them with the perfect solution to suit their policy document extraction needs, but we also knocked other big tech companies out of the park.

  1. Large Insurance Company in Southern Africa.

    SaaS - Policy Document Extraction.

    What the Customer Needed.

    To automate the extraction of data from policy documents.

    A hands-off approach.

    An outcomes-based approach.

    What We Delivered.

    A solution that automatically extracts, intelligently interprets, and automatically translates data from policy schedules.

    Machine-based learning - Model to automatically learn and adapt to changes where possible.

    Why We Won.

    Performed better in the proof of concept.

    Provided an end-to-end solution.

    Provided a better delivery model.

    Better expertise.

    Who We Beat.

    Google Microsoft IBM


    200+ Templates.

    ±8,000 Documents per month.

    Benefits to the Customer.

    8 hours to 5 mins.

    Reduced processing time of a policy document.

    80 to 8 People.

    Reduced number of staff needed for this process.

    74% Savings.

    Reduced the average processing cost per policy.

  2. Pan-African Investment, Savings, Insurance, and Banking group.

    SaaS - Policy Document Extraction.

    What the Customer Needed.

    Centralised system where all new business and account maintenance could be captured and tracked to ensure customers were serviced.

    Central system where correspondence for customers from multiple systems can be sent and routed via SMS, email, and print. All correspondence history is then available to improve customer service.

    What We Delivered.

    A solution to enable new business and account maintenance to be captured and sent via workflow to the various departments to enable efficient customer service.

    A solution that supported web services to receive customer correspondence and send it accordingly.

    Providing a history of that correspondence.

    Why We Won.

    Provided an end-to-end solution.

    Provided an agile system that could accommodate changes in the business environment.

    Impressed with the functionality that we provided in the first country (Zimbabwe).

    Who We Beat.



    3 Templates.

    ±10,000 Documents per month.

Sybrin's proven IDP solution is one of the easiest and fastest ways companies can leverage AI to deliver tangible results to increase efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience, and maintain compliance. please view our IDP Solution